shadow – a childhood remembered

WriMoSaturday – when I took the afternoon off in Petra (Mallorca)


I spent a week with other WriMo’s and took the Saturday afternoon off to climb up to a mountain I always saw reflected in the bedroom mirror, while sitting at my desk writing my NaNoWriMo-story.

the sun sat low on the western sky, when I arrived back down in the plains again. It painted my shadow on this empty field, already prepared for the next crop in spring. I was all on my own. no people to be seen. no sound to be heard.

and I remembered how Saturday felt, when I was small. when on Saturday late afternoons the world around me slowed down and grew quiet. the pathways were swept, the gravel paths were raked clean. I was all on my own, the other kids had gone home. and for a short moment, the world felt wide and empty and was there just for me.

soon I would have to go back inside for my bath too.

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